About Beth

Hello Again:

You might already be familiar with my work if you’re from the Hudson Valley. My columns, articles and editing work appeared in the Times Herald-Record in Middletown, NY, for 26 years, until the newspaper and I parted company in 2008.

For those of you unfamiliar with my work, let me fill you in. For most of my years at the Record, I wrote a weekly opinion column and served as the paper’s health editor.

With Tom and Huck

I also created the newspaper’s style book and became the paper’s go-to person on matters of grammar and usage. Such things as the correct use of the apostrophe are important to me, but alas … not everyone agrees that punctuation and spelling count. I continue the good fight.

My work at the Record earned 39 state and national writing awards, in categories that include commentary, health reporting, depth reporting, business reporting, editorial writing and features. My work has also appeared in publications ranging from the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and Reader’s Digest to the Sporting News and Dog Fancy. The columns have been published in two books of collected work – The Best of Beth and Unleashed, the Dog Columns.

With granddaughter Devon

I’m also an adjunct associate professor of English at SUNY Orange where I teach a writing course or two each semester. Hence, my obsession with proper English usage. Most recently, I have begun editing work written by amateur writers who want to see their stories told in book form. We all have a story to tell. Sometimes we just need someone to say, “Let me help.”

Helping other writers is what I do.

A lifelong Orange County resident, I live in Goshen with my husband, Bob Quinn, an editor with Straus Newspapers. We have two sons, two dogs and four grandchildren.

I have been telling their stories most of my life. Now I’d like to help you tell yours. – Beth Quinn


10 responses to “About Beth

  1. Jennifer Glazer Maida

    I took one of your classes at OCCC around 1986 and LOVED it and loved you! I moved to Florida and work for a large Company, for a brief time I was in their Guest Communications Department, and always got rave reviews on my communication. I honestly credit you with most of that! Thank you for impacting my life in a positive way, and I never forgot you! Jennifer Glazer Maida

    • Hi Jennifer.
      Phew! That was a long time ago. Thank you so much for remembering and for taking the time to say such nice things. It’s greatly appreciated!
      I still teach part-time at OCCC and am especially fond of the school’s growing Newburgh campus. It has a wonderful vibrancy and sense of optimism. All things are possible!
      My best to you.

  2. Jeannie Normoyle

    I loved reading your column that was in the Record about the adventures of your dogs and howled. I got you book “Unleashed) when you still worked at the Record and you signed it—-unfortunately I loaned it out and never saw it again. Is there any chance I can order it again? Did you write anymore? Really miss your column as it made my day. Jeannie N.

    • Hi Jeanne!
      You just made MY day!
      By coincidence, I just finished a second edition of Unleashed

      • Sorry … Hit the wrong button. Anyway, the new edition is largely the same as the first except for a couple of additional columns and some new photos. I did it because I wanted to get the book up on Amazon, and the original printer didn’t do that.
        So … The book is available on Amazon now. There’s also an author/art event on Main Street in Goshen this Friday eveoing, June 10, from 6:30-9:30. I’ll be there with the dog book and a couple of others that I either erote or edited. Don’t know where you’re located, but if nearby, it should be fun. (It will be cancelled if it rains – it’s outdoors.)
        Thanks for asking!

  3. Jeannie Normoyle

    Hi Beth, My husband and I really enjoyed meeting you last night and talking to you. I can’t wait to read your books—you’re such a great writer and I love the pictures your granddaughter drew. Have a nice weekend. Jeannie & John Normoyle

  4. It was great meeting the Normals, too! Thank you so much for coming!

  5. Amy R. Barnes

    HMMMM Is it possible your obsession with proper language stems from that 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Hawkins? Her niece here, and you came to my thoughts because I’d like to take a stab at writing and would like to join a writer’s group in the area. Know of any that might be welcoming new members? Nothing definite in mind, just trying to open a new chapter in my life. I’d welcome your advice or suggestion and Happy New Year!

    • Hi Amy.
      When I come across an error in student writing or in a newspaper, I still hear myself occasionally say, in the sternest of voices, “Mrs. Hawkins would NOT approve!” She doomed me! So good to hear from you. I really don’t know of any writer groups, though, although I think several of our area’s libraries might be home to a few. I would check with Albert Wisner Library in Warwick and the libraries in Monroe library and Goshen library (which might have some new groups organizing once the new building is finished this summer).
      Happy New Year to you, and let me know if you find a group.

      • Amy R. Barnes

        Good to hear from you. I’m just starting my search, but will let you know if something comes of it. A happy 2019 to you, and glad you’re still in the area, doing what you do.

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