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Every Writer Needs An Editor


Dear Writers:

Actually, you might not feel comfortable calling yourself a writer, but if you’ve ever written a bit of your own history, a short story or other work of fiction, or a full-scale autobiography, that’s what you are.  A writer.

Beth Fall 2012But being a writer doesn’t mean you know how to make a book. That’s where I come in.

Every writer from William Shakespeare to William Faulkner needs an editor. So do you. I’m here to offer you a writer-editor partnership.

Whether your book is currently a jumble of papers in a shoe box or sitting in a lonely folder on your computer, I can turn it into a real, print-ready book for you. I can also shepherd it to the printing press and deliver the final product to your home.

Take a look at the description of my services on this page as well as the samples of my own writing and editing work on this Web site. If what I do might be of use to you, let’s get together and talk.

And keep this in mind – Christmas is coming. Christmas is ALWAYS coming. What a wonderful present your book would make for your family and friends!

– Beth Quinn

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