A Body Worker’s Practical Guide

to Prescription Medications

and Related Subjects

 The Essentials for All Massage Therapists


Mary C. Galipeau

     Here it is. Finally. A book that provides the missing link in a massage therapist’s training – an overview of how drugs can affect the body and what that means for the therapist who wants to exercise caution in the treatment of all clients.

     This book begins by describing how drugs are regulated, why they’re prescribed for specific conditions and how they enter the body.

      The 27 pages of easy-to-follow charts are the highlight of the book offering a wealth of information and advice including:

                    * Restrictions and considerations for use of heat, pressure and positioning  assistance for   clients taking a variety of commonly prescribed and over-the-counter medications

                    * Suggested strokes for those on medications falling into various specific drug classification

                    * Side effects and cautions in the treatment of clients who take any of several popular herbs

     The chart format places valuable information at the therapist’s finger tips for quick and easy reference. This is a little book containing a wealth of information that a body worker can refer to and apply immediately, useful for both the entry level therapist and those who have been in the profession for many years.

About the Author

     Mary C. Galipeau, a New York State licensed massage therapist, is a 1997 graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York City. She has a two-year degree in Exercise Science, a Bachelor of Science in health and wellness, and a Master of Arts in social policy with a health-care concentration.

Mary was a massage therapy educator in a degree-granting program at the junior college level for six years. During that time, she was promoted from instructor to assistant professor and was involved in curriculum development for the massage therapy program.

Her professional memberships include The American Massage Therapy Association and The New York State Society of Medical Massage Therapists.

She lives in the Hudson Valley where she maintains a full-time private practice.

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